When We Are Overwhelmed By Our To-Do-List

Recently, I was caught in the middle of a long to-do-list and I thought that my twenty-four hours a day is short for me. The more that I get overwhelmed by these long line of tasks, the more I couldn’t accomplish more of it. We have different perceptions on how we are to spend a day. Some people say they don’t have anything to do while others say they don’t have enough time to do their things. Actually, we never have a time problem. We’re all granted the same number of hours a day, each has the same share, no more no less. The truth is we just simply value one thing over the other. For those who say they have nothing to do, they struggle because boredom occupies their day for they simply chose to believe they have nothing to do. Maybe they value taking a rest for the meantime than doing the works right away. They’re not lazy, they just procrastinate. If we only open our eyes, there are so many things to do, things that are just waiting for our tending hands, waiting for our attention. For those who say their time is not enough because they’re busy (just like me) maybe it’s time to make some changes in our main concerns and timetable.

I’ve experienced the latter. I was thinking I don’t have enough time to do all my stuffs until I realized that all I needed is proper scheduling and prioritizing. Each time I look at my to-do-list, I become overwhelmed. Unconsciously, I got absorbed in the thoughts of these things-to-do stuff; I work in a full time job, I have line of portraits to paint, I have to keep writing for my blog, I have to visit other bloggers’ blogs to like and comment so as to build relationship, I have to make crafts that I could feature in my blog, I need to do some housekeeping, gardening, cooking, babysitting my twenty-month old grandson sometimes, and other extra church activities where I have to take part. Seems too much and overwhelming but it’s not. I found out that what I needed is to set my priorities, change my schedules and act on it. Honestly, one of the problem that I realized is because I was preoccupied by checking my social media accounts, and that’s really time-consuming. But when I started to limit time on looking at my notifications and news feeds, started to write my priorities and acted on it, that’s when I began accomplishing things.

This week I put one of my commissioned portrait project on the top of my list ( of course, next to my regular full time job ). I’m so happy to see that it’s seventy percent accomplished since I started working on it this week for an hour after my office work. ( photo below).


And because of backache, I couldn’t sit longer to paint for straight hours, so I chose to stopped for a while and give time to the next project I put in my priorities; my bonsai project and look , I’ve finished one. I enjoyed fixing my “bonsai”. It’s as simple as ABCD, anybody can do it. I picked a part of the plant which is shown in the photo below, I chose the matured branch, carefully formed it to my desired shape using a very thin wire. I watered it with a water-soluble fertilizer to help it develop roots faster. Now it’s almost a week old and is still thriving and seems adjusted to its new shape and form.


While painting the portrait and forming my “bonsai”, I compared my life with them. In painting, you cannot see the beauty of the artwork unless it is completely done. Like the portrait shown above which is not 100% finished, it would still undergo the process of more polishing to make it more beautiful. Also in the process of making bonsai, the plant needs to be bended and to be curved before it adjust itself with its new form. In the same way, God uses our daily experiences and our struggles to form us into a better person He wants us to be. Like the portrait and the bonsai, we need to be totally submissive to the hands of the One forming us and we’ll surely be a beautiful work of art someday. My own experience brought by the long lines of works and to-do-list taught me to develop discipline, calmness, patience and prioritization. This is a forming experience for growth into a better me, for the glory of God.




Let me know your thoughts on this. I may learn something from you too.

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