What To do When Daily Routine Becomes Boring

Is life simply meant to spend time on the same things everyday over and over again and grow old with the same pattern? I once asked this question. I was worn out of repeatedly doing the same routine everyday;  wake up, cook and eat breakfast, work the whole day, cook dinner, spend time reading or writing or painting, check if everything in the house is in proper places, go to sleep, then do the same all over again everyday. Each of us have different daily activities but we all fall into things we do routinely. We are trapped into this routine that consequently makes our day monotonous for us.  If we have this mindset we’ll really get tired of the life’s routine.  I was there. But since I chose to redirect my perspective, everything have changed.

If you’re going through this stage in your life, change of attitude can add colors to your day. We can relieve our boredom by applying some sort of creativity on how we’ll look at things. Try to open your eyes to see the beauty of each day. If you’re in the rural area, you can watch the sun rise over the hills. If you live in the city appreciate the sun how it sprinkles yellow light onto the buildings you’re passing by as you drive to your job. Things that are familiar can reawake our senses to the value of “ordinary things”, that we took for granted in the past because we are used to seeing them everyday.

I believe this is also applicable in our relationship with our husband or wife. Familiarity may lead to a monotonous relationship. We can prevent this to happen if we’ll try to find ways to make our daily encounter with them more exciting. If we try to find new ways to make each day with them special, that will make a big difference to our day.If you don’t usually greet him in the morning you may start doing so with a smile, hug and kiss him good morning ( I am determined to do it to my husband when I go back home. ) After exerting efforts in finding good things in every person and in everything that I see, my days started to be exciting and I am not bored anymore though I still do the same things everyday. We create our life story through these daily encounters and experience. They are important pieces of the puzzle. God created each day for a purpose, to fulfill His plan in our life.

All of us feel tired and bored from time to time. If we allow this to overcome us, joy eludes us and it can weigh us down.  Boredom is normal when we experience it on occasional times but to have this feeling almost everyday can make us miserable. If we learn to adjust ourselves into having a positive mindset, the feeling surely goes away. God’s will for us is to live our life in full. What must be done so that we may live in the fullness of everything that God has in mind for us? We have to decide to change because unless we take a step to resolve boredom we cannot experience the fullness of life. There’s a better way. It is simply to live by faith and trust in God that He holds each day so we have to choose to welcome the day positively as we open our eyes every morning. Yes, part of it are chances that a problem maybe encountered or a negative circumstance may occur in some days, that’s a reality. But in any and every situation, our loving Heavenly Father is just a prayer away. No day will be boring if we see each day granted to us as a blessing from God. Each day is wonderful.

The next time we encounter boredom caused by the same daily routine, we can tell this to  ourselves: “ Today is an important piece of the puzzle of my life story. I will take it as an exciting day. God will use my today to accomplish His purpose in my life.” Then look at your surrounding. Appreciate the beauty of God’s creation. No day will be boring if we sincerely do these things. This works for me, it may work for you too. You just have to choose between perceiving your daily routine as boring or do your best to enjoy each day granted by God. To be bored or to be happy is just a matter of choice.

This is the day the LORD has made; We will rejoice and be glad in it.” Psalms‬ ‭118:24‬ ‭


Let me know your thoughts on this. I may learn something from you too.

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