Six-Word Story: It’s Worn But Still In, Try It.

The “six-word story” is an idea that has revived its new life and is now trending in some social media like Tumblr and Reddit. I’ve also read some WordPress bloggers’ stories using this six-word confinement. This is inspired by Hemingway’s famous six-word tale, “For sale: baby shoes, never worn,”. Though the stories are being told using very limited number of words, we can never underestimate the strength a six-word description provides. Writers by nature seek to make readers feel something even through confining the whole message of the story as well as the emotion with the six-word limitation. The message should be clear and the picture should reach the reader and vividly form in their brain. It’s a good challenge for writers because it unleashes their ability to create their own succinct masterpieces showing off their creativity and clever ideas.

Well, I want to take the challenge and try. Here they are, my “six-word stories”….

  1. She sighed desperately, “Is there hope?”
  2. Now it’s over. Saying goodbye, finally.
  3. Yesterday is gone. Let’s walk together.
  4. The past? It’s not there tomorrow.
  5. My heart is where You reside.
  6. You changed my life, I’m free.

Though the words used are limited, we can see that the first story tells of a weary person that probably going through anxious state caused by life’s trials, which resulted to a sense of hopelessness.

She sighed desperately, “Is there hope?”

At some time in our life, we come to the point of making crucial, defining decisions. It may be giving up our job for some reasons (mean boss, low pay rate, too much work, too much stress, etc.) or maybe quitting a relationship, or a complicated situation in the hope of having a better life. It illustrates the state of being tired and fed up. If you’ve been through that situation you can relate with story number two.

“Now it’s over. Saying goodbye, finally.”

Number three is a story of forgiveness, of burying the hatchet to pave a way for a second chance.

“Yesterday is gone, let’s walk together.”

Number four story implying steps forward, forgetting the past and moving on. It points up to the reality that we cannot change the past, what matters most is the future. Always looking back to our past failures in a destructive point of view won’t build our tomorrow better. We can look back at the past but use it as stepping stones towards positive changes.

“The past? It’s not there tomorrow.”

Number five is an expression of love. The heart is the residence of our loved ones. For me, my heart is a place where Jesus resides. If you believe in my previous statement, you can relate with story number six. Though some readers may look at the last story on a different perspective and interpretation, let’s say they are thankful their lives have been changed for the better after they’ve been freed from a troublesome and problematic relationship. But personally, I would prefer to apply it with my spiritual belief. My life has been changed since I found Jesus and allowed Him to be in charge of my life.

“You changed my life, I’m free!”

Thank you for reading my first tries writing these shortest stories. See you next time.

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Let me know your thoughts on this. I may learn something from you too.

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