Should I Quit Blogging? A Blogger’s Question.

Thinking to quit blogging? Discouraged to push through on your dreams? You’re not alone. I am going through the same situation but giving up is not the solution. So I wrote this poem for you and for me. We have to be brave and get back on our feet, bloggers!


Contemplating, thinking to quit this blog I have,

Some things suppressed my zeal, I was so disheartened,

My heart was so cast down, dismayed and discouraged,

This work may not for me, should I put this to end?


The efforts I put in, my time and so my rest,

All seemed not paying off nothing was recompense,

So maybe it is time to think and to concede,

It gives me impression, to relinquish, to leave.


The things my eyes can see make my heart frail and weak,

Couldn’t help but wonder what thoughts should be added,

What effectual write ups were helpful to convince,

I don’t know, I’m dead beat, worn out and exhausted.


But wait…

If I close down my blog would it give me true peace?

For I’d be a pattern to the struggling novice,

My blog’s goal was to reach learners and beginners,

That like me they should stand and prove we could achieve.


I remember a quote telling us not to faint,

For anything worthwhile uphill they’re located,

Giving up’s not the key, I must choose not to quit,

The means’ not surrender, but endure till the end.


Yes, it’s normal to be discouraged at times especially when you have already invested your time, effort, resources and still no solid result could be seen. When it seems that your blog is being left behind and unnoticed, it brings disheartening feeling, I know it, honestly that’s how I feel right now. But to give up is a different thing. The journey has just started and the road is long there’s still further way to go. If we give up at this point, how can we prove ourselves that like others, we also can do it, that we too have something worthwhile sharing. I believe that one of the ways for us bloggers not to be discourage is to love what we are doing and never compare ourselves with others. Each blogger is unique. Each one of us already have that something already instilled within us. We just need to let it grow and flourish. So get up, pray for God’s guidance and grace to sustain you, if you believe in what God can do, of the noble purpose why you are blogging, and if you have faith that He is the One who will see you through, and start believing the God-given abilities you already have,  then sit down in front of your computer and start to blog again. There is always hope, let’s hold on to that.




Let me know your thoughts on this. I may learn something from you too.

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