Sensitive People Are Highly Creative People

Recent researches and studies say that sensitive people are highly creative people or creative people are highly sensitive people. Scientists and psychologists are in one accord with this. They say that an individual’s creativity and sensitivity’s significant connection normally turns out to produce beautiful end-result because creative people’s high sensitivity is being linked to their creative impulses. They are sensitive in the sense that they can feel in a deeper way, and process things so thoroughly noticing so many subtleties, details and emotional meanings. They see things more keenly. For example, an artist is able to see different color shades from a monochromatic object which they capture by brushes and by paints on a canvas. Some who are gifted in musical creativity hear sounds that are not audible to some people, but for them it’s an avenue for a new melody which would soon turn into a new song. Their sensitivity may lead them to put words together to compose a poem, a song or a story because they are highly sensitive with all the things around them and sometimes even beyond because they have sharp imaginations. Creative people are sensitive to their environment. Their sensitivity gives them deep concern and awareness urging them to think of the actions to be taken to preserve it, thus they perceive wastes being thrown as really wasted potential materials to produce useful craft arts. I’ve read many articles of creative individuals which expresses how they feel when people are just throwing things away instead of saving and converting them into useful, beautiful products. I’m glad, they also feel how I feel and also do what I do promoting the zero waste principle.

On the emotional side, I believe it’s also true. Personally I admit I am sensitive in many ways, and I usually believe what my sensitive feeling tells me. For me, sensitivity and creativity are really connected because whenever I am emotionally down or I’m hurting inside, the urge to express how I feel through arts is getting deeper and more stronger. That’s when I could write a song with intense emotion, a poem, a story and sometimes a painting expressing my emotional state at the time.

Sensitivity when applied appropriately is an advantage. It is, when we use it for a good purpose. It could fuel an artist to create more  beautiful work of arts. It could create zeal in writers to pen their emotions, keen observations and sharp imaginations into beautiful literatures. It could trigger composer’s impulse to create soulful melody and meaningful lyrics. It could drive inventors to express ideas into great and remarkable innovations.

But sensitivity applied negatively might be destructive for it could ruin good relationships. Being extremely sensitive when not properly handled creates trouble and misunderstanding. When people criticize us for being too sensitive, let’s not put ourselves down, instead gladly accept it but let us keep in mind that we cannot make it as an excuse to be unreasonable. We are creative because we are using our sensitivity in proper ways. I believe this attribute is a gift from God to be use wisely to feel the needs and sufferings of others because the sensitive person understands that each person’s ordeal is unique and should not be compared to anyone else’s. Our sensitivity lead us in taking the proper steps and making right decisions in life.  It is our own choice if we would allow this gift to enhance our creative abilities or just let it slips our hand. It is for us to decide if we would allow it to direct us to the right path or not. Let us take advantage of our sensitivity to create good things, and to establish good relationships with people around us. Just make the right choice, creative ones.

I believe sensitivity is a gift from God to be use wisely to feel the needs and sufferings of others




Let me know your thoughts on this. I may learn something from you too.

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