Practical and Creative Ideas to Start the New Year with a Bang!


The 31st day of December is normally the time when most of us is quite possibly looking back and pondering on whether the things we’ve set out to do in the past whole year actually happened. Looking forward on the coming New Year, the year’s last day is a day to think and plan of stepping up and moving forward for a change and growth, to redirect our life for the better, thus it’s the time when most people write their new year’s resolutions. But personally, I don’t believe in New Year’s resolution, I’d rather believe that if we are truly determined to change we don’t need to wait for New Year to make changes when we can start it right away. If we are passionate and enthusiastic about redirecting our life for the better, start now and take an action to turn those plans into reality.
Motivating ourselves for good reasons and objectives is important. But motivation on its own doesn’t work because it usually needs a vital ingredient, which makes all the difference for positive changes. We need to have passion to change for without passion, there is simply no way you can motivate yourself in doing anything.
Let me share my few cents you may want to try to welcome the coming New Year with a Bang;

1. Be positive. Most people become anxious of the coming year feeding their thoughts with worries, of the fear of the unknown. As the present year draws to a close, we all have disappointments from the year past and fears for the year to come. I don’t know what disappointed you about this closing year or worries you about the new year to come but I do know that the lens through which you view your past and your future is what matters most. If you develop a positive outlook by removing negative thoughts, you will be able to welcome the new year with an open arms, ready for whatever lies ahead of you. Exercise your faith, God knows what is best for you.

2. Develop practicality and frugality in your lifestyle. Frugality, just like extravagance and over-spending, is a character that can be developed. Let’s say you are used to eating in the restaurant more often during the past year, try to avoid or limit it this new year. Cook easy-to-prepare home made meal instead. That will not just save your car’s gas for roaming around to look for a good restaurant to dine in but you will also save more bucks in your wallet. As much as posible try not to buy food if there are still food in the pantry and there are still stocks available in the refrigerator. This is what I normally do with my left over meals, I mix some available ingredients to it and make a delicious new dish out of it. Old clothes can be remodelled into a fashionable outfit too instead of spending more bucks on new clothes that will just add up to the piles in your wardrobe. Buying clothes which mostly are not always being worn is not a need but wants. Learn to prioritize your needs than your wants. There are many more ways where we can still live decently and comfortably without having to spend excessively. So if you are determined to have savings this coming year, start it by applying practicality and try to develop living the frugal way.

3. Start being Physically and Healthy Conscious Person. Go to the gymn at least once or twice a week and develop a healthy lifestyle by choosing the right kind of food; vegetables, fruits, non-fatty, low cholesterols and if you want to know the details of what are the healthy, right food to eat, you can search the internet or read a book about proper nutrition and its sources. Sleep early, rise early and try to do some stretching in the morning. Undo bad habits such as smoking, drinking alcoholic drinks excessively or eating junk food and drinking too much soda. This is also an area where I need to change for my taste buds love salty food, so just like me, lower your sodium intake. Anything that is too much can harm us, moderation is good and the key to all of these is determination and self-discipline.

4. Develop a thirst for learning. Become interested in learning new skills. The more skills we know, the more chances and opportunities that awaits us. Reading books helps to further grow your knowledge. Researching in good, informative websites can really help too. If we exercise our brain through reading, we can grow in knowledge aside from the recent findings that it helps the brain to be healthy. Reading books, magazines, writing and participating in other mentally stimulating activities can help to keep memory and thinking abilities intact, a new study suggests. Also the findings add to growing evidences that mental challenges like reading and other mental exercises may help to preserve brain health and stave off symptoms of Alzheimer’s in old age. If you would ask me what is the best book to read, I would suggest you read the Bible for it is rich in wisdom and guidance and you can find all the answers to all life’s concerns and questions from this book, the Word of God.

5. Re-arrange and re-decorate your home. You can update your interior decoration this coming year to give you a feeling of a renewed state. You need not buy new furnitures to be able to do so. This is where you can apply your creativity. Like what I have mentioned in the point number two of this article, we can live decently and comfortably without having to spend excessively. You can use recyclable materials to make presentable and durable furnitures, a DIY furniture that you can proudly say “This is one of my creations.”

Below are photos of some of my furnitures made from recycled corrugated carton boxes. I arranged the photos in chronological order so it will serve as a how-to-do-it instructional guide too.


1. Wall Decor

A wall decor made of corrugated boxes


2. Center Table

Step 1. Choose hard, strong, undamaged corrugated carton boxes.
Step 2. You will be needing a ruler, sharp cutter, glue gun, glue sticks, pencil or pen.
Step 3. After cutting the corrugated cartons into your desired shapes for your furniture design, stick together using the glue gun at least 4 pieces for durability.
Step 4. Measure the exact place on the piece that you’re going to use as top where you will locate the connecting edges of your center table base, as shown in this photo.
Step 5. Connect the 2 piece-base together, as shown in the photo.
Step 6. Join the pieces together.
Step 7. Find a wall paper with adhesive. For my center table I preferred the darker one that resembles wood.
Step 8. Cover your furniture carefully, making sure for its smooth finishing touch.
My center table. People that sees it cannot believe it is made of recycled corrugated boxes.

3.  Decorative Shelves made of sticked-together corrugated carton boxes covered with self-adhesive wall papers.


As you see in the sample photos of some of my DIY home furnitures and decors, I didn’t spend big bucks for these but the final result is very satisfactory. You may consider trying these ideas to start the New Year with positivity, frugality, personal growth, renewed state and creativity – a big Bang! This coming year, find out what things you’re naturally good at and focus on strengthening them. You will discover your strengths and abilities you didn’t know you have by trying and believing that you can.  Start looking at things in a wider perspective. With enough determination, consciousness, focus plus the passion to do better this year, you can really change and grow in every areas of your life.

And most of all, all our desire to change not just for the better but for the best, cannot be accomplished if we depend on our own strength, we need God to enable us to do these. We need His grace, guidance and provision. As we welcome the New Year, maybe with new year’s resolution or maybe without, believe and have faith that every new year brings new hope, new blessings, new opportunities and new challenges. Are you ready to face the New Year with a bang? Happy New Year to all!

“For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the LORD, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope.”
‭‭Jeremiah‬ ‭29:11‬ ‭NKJV‬‬



Let me know your thoughts on this. I may learn something from you too.

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