Labor Day’s Delight

Labor Day’s Delight, a name that I was considering to give my new simple recipe because today is the 3rd of September here and we are celebrating Labor Day. Today,  most are off from work, including me. But for me,  it simply means having a rest day only from my job but not from having my creative hands in action. Like what I have promised from one of my recent posts,  that I will feature here all my future creations and that includes my simple cooking recipes.

Again, temptation attempted to break my self-imposed rules, trying to steal my precious time from my scheduled projects. My daughter’s family went out to the beach today for a picnic and also for a bonding with some of our close friends. Earlier, they asked me to join but I was firm to follow my plans for the holiday, a gentle but firm “NO” shooed them away. I couldn’t help but silently laughed as they were leaving. I was thinking, maybe that’s how it is when we’re getting old but I prefer to believe that my creative passion is stronger than my interest in going out for socialization.

Part of my day’s plan is to create a delicious chicken dish. This was being prepared while I was starting to work on a wedding portrait. But before we proceed to the menu, let me share with you what I have accomplished earlier.  I worked on something to add to my collection of terrariums. Below is the photo of my Labor Day’s accomplishments; mini open terrarium in glass bowl and wine glasses.

Now, let’s go to my new recipe ” Labor Day’s Delight” but I think it is more appropriate to call it Spicy Coco-Chicken. I loved it, maybe you’ll love it too.


2 pcs. Boneless chicken thigh, sliced into small pieces
1 medium size Green Papaya ( Unriped )
1/2 Cup Scallion ( Green Onion ) chopped
1 cup Coconut Milk,   3 tbsp. Fish Sauce ( Patis )
2 tbsp Mashed Potato Powder
1 Ginger, chopped
1 Onion, chopped
Garlic, chopped,  1/2 tsp Ground Black Pepper
5 pcs Long Green Chili, sliced


Marinate the sliced chicken with fish sauce, ground black pepper and garlic powder for at least 30 minutes. 

While marinating the chicken, peel the green papaya, grate it using the coarser holes of the grater.

Sliced and chopped the spices as specified in the ingredients above.

After marinating, saute the sliced chicken with ginger, garlic and onion. Stir-fry until chicken is tender. Add the coconut milk, cook in low heat for ten minutes or until the coconut milk is a little bit creamier in texture. Add the grated green papaya, sliced chili and wait for two more minutes then add the scallion and mashed potato powder. You may add more fish sauce and seasoning like chicken broth in cube or powder, depending on your taste and preference. Simmer for one minute. Serve and enjoy. Another version that you may try, instead of adding mashed potato powder, you can add curry powder.

Labor Day’s Delight Spicy-Coco-Chicken

While I was enjoying my lunch, I was thinking of those who were at the beach spending the Labor Day holiday there. What if I chose to join them? I would probably have not cooked my ” Labor Day’s Delight- Spicy-Coco-Chicken” and couldn’t have something to share with you. People have different choices and preferences in life, in the same way that we have different happiness. This is where I am happy. This is where I can find the feeling of satisfaction – in creating something. I know for sure that I would regret it if I went with them because I would missed the opportunity of setting the creative voice screaming inside of me free. Life is  short. We are given an opportunity each day, to enjoy it. I enjoy this holiday and every holiday that I am off from my office work. For only in these times I could have more time to do the things I am passionate about. And most of all, I enjoy this Labor Day because I could spend more time pondering in the goodness of GOd in my life. I had a very good meditation this morning and the more I think of God’s faithfullness, the more I am amazed of Who He is! So, today, I enjoyed having multiple Labor Day’s delight.

Thank you for reading and GOd bless you!


Let me know your thoughts on this. I may learn something from you too.

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