In This “Instant” “Express” Generation

We are in the generation of “instant”, “express” stuffs where everything is done real fast. We have instant coffee, instant noodles, fast-meal-packages, instant delivery services, shopping express, express ways, cell phones, internet and many more things which make almost everything available for us at the tip of our fingers and at the fastest time we expect.   This generation is a generation of impatient people. We want to accomplish things within a short amount of time.  We want to have what we need within a very short time frame. These things which are common in this age and become part of our life style develop an attitude of instant gratification because we cannot wait any longer for things to be done; from drinks, food, purchases, communications, researches, information and many more. We are becoming less and less patient.

Like here in my work, we are allowed to have only thirty minutes lunch-break. Done or not with our lunch, we have to be back to the office strictly before that thirty minutes is over. I’m thankful that the company provided a free housing for me which is just few steps away from our office but still thirty minutes is short so I have to maximize my lunch-break and eat express lunch as fast as I could. Normally I do my shopping every Friday afternoon so I prefer buying instant foods. I have packages of instant noodles to sustain my lunch for the whole week because as the name says, it is “instant”. But I’m a little bit health-conscious too and I don’t like to defile my system by taking in plain artificially-flavored food everyday which we all know have lots of preservatives so I make sure I also have  a dose of vegetables to be incorporated in my instant meals whether it is instant noodles or other canned goods. And because I only got few minutes to prepare these on my breaks, so I make my veggies ready ahead of time. Here’s how I do it; I sorted out the peeled, chopped, pre-washed veggies in different, separate zipped locks.  I put them in the freezer to preserve freshness so they’re ready to cook anytime of the week. The veggies are really as good as fresh, no need to wash again, they are pre-washed prior to freezing to retain freshness, so I just cook the veggies straight to the pot or pan. For the instant noodles, I prefer not to use the artificial flavorings that go together in the package.  I rather cook it with natural ingredients such as fresh boiled eggs, pre-cooked meat, shrimp and veggies. A little creativity applied equals instant food that tastes better and healthier.

In the midst of this instant and express generation, there are things that I still choose to keep doing through traditional way; like my food for example because my health is what at stake here. The same principle needs to be applied to my life, the fast-phase system should not affect some areas like my relationships; with God, family, friends and others. Just like the instant noodles garnished with real natural ingredients, despite busy schedules and distance I have to “garnish” my relationship with my family by setting aside time to communicate with them, thanks to the technology. Family should matter more than my job or other endeavors. Also in making life’s tough decisions, I have learned not to be in a hurry and exercise patience instead. Often times it’s better to wait patiently than getting things done instantly. To top it all, in this “instant”, “express” generation, I can still “garnish” my relationship with God by setting time to prioritize meeting up with Him in quiet time and prayers before starting the day, develop having a grateful heart by remembering all He has done for me, thanking and praising Him at all times despite my busy days.

“I will bless the LORD at all times; His praise shall continually be in my mouth.”
‭‭Psalms‬ ‭34:1‬


Let me know your thoughts on this. I may learn something from you too.

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