How To Spend Each Day Creatively

Each morning, as we open our eyes, let us be thankful to the Giver of life for the opportunity to see the goodness of another new day, and think of how to spend each day creatively. For me personally, I make sure to  plan of what creative ways I should apply in all of my life’s aspects – spiritual, job, family, social, etc so as to take each day lightly and to enjoy each day as a blessing from God. Each day is a new beginning, a new hope, so make the most out of it.

Here are my small suggestions to apply simple creativity in each area of our daily journeys;

#1. Food – make a new delicious dish from your dinner left over last night. Let’s say you have left over beef stew and you’re tired of eating stew again in the morning. So to start, drain its soup, chop onion, tomatoes and garlic, chop green onion leaves, batter at least 2 eggs and add a little amount of salt and black pepper. Sauté garlic, onion and tomatoes, add the chopped green onion leaves, mix the left over stew, stir, then add the battered egg mixture. Now you have a new dish for breakfast. You can also apply this recipe to your left over fried or steamed fish or corned beef or chicken. This is one way to practice our creativity in a frugal way. New morning, “new” breakfast, possible savings.


#2. Family – leave a special message of love and inspiration to your family and post it on the fridge instead of your normal posting of to-do-list and must-buy list for the day. Create a spirit of thoughtfulness and love in the family and you’ll see its positive result. If you are a bit grumpy or easily get irritated with your kids’ noise and mess, try to change your approach this time by joining them and enjoying being a “child” too through playing with them. Enjoy it and it would surely make your burden lighter (though there might be mess in the house, just fix it later and teach your children to help).


#3. Job – if your boss is mean, greet him or her with a genuine smile and do it as well with all your co-workers regardless of how they treat you. If they feel the sincerity in what you do, it would be contagious. Sow sincere love and respect and you will surely reap the same. In the midst of stressful day, try to stay calm by singing or humming a melody or think of good things that happened to your life to ease your burdens for each day. Take every opportunity to show your boss and co-workers that you are an asset and not a liability of the company and of the workplace.


#4. Social – I know that it takes more time to greet all of your Face book or other social media friends but at least post a friendly, encouraging post a day to inspire friends. Try to open your eyes to look for a friend that maybe needing a little tapping on shoulder, or to just listen to those who might want to confide with you, or to help someone in need. You don’t know what they are going through and a little time spent and kindness shared with them may leave a big impact to help them go through their tough circumstances.


#5. Productivity – make the best effort to include something solid accomplishment for each day (aside from your daily job accomplishment); like a small recycling craft a day, a plant added to your garden, a self-sewn pillow case or a curtain or bag, organize something in your kitchen or bedroom or living room or your wardrobe or change your furniture arrangements for a new look and many more productive ways to spend your precious time. Give time to these endeavors in place of your regular time just sitting and watching television or spending your time in social media, these are not bad but if you spend too much time in those things, it would be a big hindrance to develop your productivity. There are some more useful and more worthy things to spend every given opportunity of a new day.


#6. Spiritual – if you are facing tough times, the best way to do is to conquer the negative effect of the situation instead of being overcome by it. Meditate on positive things and not on the problem. If you magnify your negative circumstance, it would become bigger and might discourage you. Be an overcomer, not the overcame. We can choose to be a winner over difficulties. Remember that no difficulty is permanent, everything shall come to pass, so be on top of the negative effects of every harsh situation by diverting your focus to apply a more productive approach. Having a quiet time could help. If you still didn’t spend a quiet time with God, now is the best time to start. We encounter things everyday that give us stress, heavy heart and discouragement. Why not try to spend time with our Heavenly Father to express and pour out to Him what’s bothering you. It would really help to lighten and ease your heavy feeling. You can do it inside a closed room, read a book that brings encouragement and positive suggestions. If you’re already spending your regular quiet time, try to make it different this time by taking a walk maybe in a beach ( if you are in a place close to one ) in a garden, or just simply meditate on God’s blessings and goodness in your life while doing your daily physical exercise or walking. Changing things you do routinely might help you see things no matter what it is, in a positive perspective.


I hope these suggestions help you ease up a stressful day.


Let me know your thoughts on this. I may learn something from you too.

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