Growing Old But Proud Of It

One of the most sensitive questions to ask on a birthday party is the celebrant’s age especially if the person is an aging woman. I know people that don’t want to talk about their true age. I hear many, particularly women over forty or fifty that deny the real figure by cutting a year or two or more. I confess that I was one of them and that was my mindset before. I didn’t want people to know my real age. I didn’t want them to think I am old, it was really hard to accept then but I thank God for He changed my perspective.  Maybe the reason why matured women hide their real age is because the culture we live in exalts the youth. Watch television, read magazines and you’ll see that many product advertisements feature young, fresh looking women with glowing, smooth and radiant skin. Models, beauty queens, product endorsers must be young. Even in job places  the young ones are gaining preference rather than the “young once”. Young job seekers have more advantage of getting hired by most companies than the older ones. We can understand the reason behind it. There is no company that would invest on paying a model with wrinkled skin to endorse their beauty products, or a line of fashionable outfits for the young generation to be endorsed by a model that does not belong to the target consumers. Employers would not hire an employee who would probably be retired just few years from the hiring date and would not be as productive as the young, energetic ones.

But do not be dismayed old fellas, we can still age gracefully despite this “youth-exalting” culture.  We don’t have to hide the real number of years of our existence on earth. There are many good reasons to be proud of our age. I thank God it’s my birthday today. Unlike before, now I am proud to say that I am celebrating my fifty-eight birthday. I am proud to say that I had my first glimpse of light outside my mother’s womb on the dawn of July 25, 1960 ( It’s still the 25th of July here in American Samoa ) and God-willing, two years from now I would be a member of the senior citizens federation and I have some good reasons to share why we should not be ashamed of our true age and instead be proud of it;

  1. The more you aged means the more you are blessed because you have reached that many years and you’re still alive. . I heard a joke saying “ If you don’t want to grow old then die young” and this seems correct. Many people die younger and didn’t make it to be as old as you are. So instead of hiding the real number we should shout it out loud because we are granted of longer stay on this earth alive. If we don’t want to accept the truth that we are old, we’re losing the opportunity of enjoying the gift of long life that we already have.
  2. Higher age indicates greater number of victories. You have conquered and triumphed over many storms, trials and hardships in life in those past many years.  Many people didn’t make it for out of depression and lack of enough strength to handle their negative circumstance, some got sick due to anxiety-triggered illnesses and died earlier while others ended their own lives.
  3. To grow old is a privilege. We have the opportunity to see our grandchildren or even our great grandchildren. We have the chance to enjoy our retirement benefits. We have many years to look back to and ponder on the goodness of God and how He sees us through those years.
  4. Being old means we have more things that we can share out of our own long years of experience . Having gone through many years of life is tantamount to gaining more wisdom. The more we aged, the more life lessons learned that we can share and impart to the younger generations; our children and grandchildren. Our own personal experience, our victories, our ups and downs, and how we survived those are good examples we can leave and impact our descendants.

Now I am 58 and I am thankful I’ve gone this far and I am a proud grandmother of nine grandkids, looking forward to seeing them grow. Believe me old fellas like me, it’s better to tell people our true age and hear them say “you look younger your age” than to cut four years down and hear them say “Really? You’re just 54?”  It’s alright to grow old though this body may appear older, but our insides are being renewed daily. Always remember that you’re still alive for a reason, to fulfill God’s wonderful plan. So never mind the sagging face, drooping nose and eyes for these are marks of victory and blessing of life. I believe that someday God will change our body into a glorified one as what the Bible says.   I am one more year older today but I am proud of it. I am so thankful for it. Praise God!



Let me know your thoughts on this. I may learn something from you too.

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