Creative Way to Start the Year: Try This DIY Home Makeover

New year, new life, new beginning. Most of us have the desire to change for the better this year. Let’s say, your creativity side is one of the areas in your life where you want to be better this year. Home makeover is a good start. Changing the looks of your home is relaxing and it gives you a renewed feeling. Some may say they don’t have time for things like these. All of us are given the same measure of time in a day. Maybe it’s just the prioritization that makes the difference. This is a good way of how we can use our time. How we use our time should be driven by goal-setting. If you have a goal to be better this year and decided to be productive, make decision about what to focus your time on. Home makeover is a productive way than sitting infront of television most of the time when you’re home. Some may say, oh I’m working, I don’t just stay home. Just like you, I work in the office 8 hours a day, 40 hours a week and I have other extra activities in the church and with my daughter’s family here abroad. Our daily routine makes us busy but for sure we still have time to stay home. If you’re truly decided and willing to act on your decision to change in the area of productivity and creativity, you can do it too. Motivate yourself, specially when you feel you do not want to do anything. Motivate yourself to take action, develop self awareness and be responsible for your own results. Encourage the creative person in you by doing simple easy DIY home makeover stuffs. Below are the photos of my Living Room and Bath Room makeover. You can try these ideas to your home too.

1. Living room makeover. I did it by hanging my DIY simple curtains, adding my DIY furnitures from recycled corrugated cartons and putting some indoor plants to add a refreshing aura inside the house. I’ve also provided a how-to-do-it instructional photo of the simple curtains hanging in my living room. This is for the sewing beginners, I hope it helps you try to start your own DIY curtains.


2.) Bathroom cabinet makeover. Before, my bathroom cabinet was just plain and lack life, so I decided to do a makeover by painting bamboo trees on the two adjacent doors. I chose blue paint to match with my curtain and toilet bowl cover. If you do not know how to paint or draw, you can use real botanical leaves and spray paint it on your chosen surfaces.


3.) Bathroom Wall Makeover. My bathroom wall was plain before and had stains on it, so I’ve spray painted leaves on it and I chose the paint color to match my bathroom tiles.


It’s just a matter of choice on where we’re going to spend our free time. Let not that “lazy and procrastinating” you overcome the creative you. So creative people like me out there, act on your goal for changes, growth and self development. If you don’t strive for changes now, then when? Life is short, live the most out of it in a positive and productive way.

Aside from encouraging creativity, It is also my commitment to share something where we can apply the same principles in our life.  Along the way, as you strive hard to reach your goal this year, things might go wrong. You have two courses of action depending on your choice; you can sit around wallowing in despair or you can review where you went wrong, identify the right course of action and implement the solution. This principle is applicable in all areas of our life; social, emotional, intellectual, physical and most of all spiritual. We don’t live just for this life, there is life hereafter where we will be standing face to face with our Creator and will be accountable on how we spend our time on earth that will be a deciding factor on where we will spend our eternity. Desiring to change is just a start. Deciding is the second step. Acting and exerting efforts for the realization of the desired and decided changes is the final and crucial step. We can desire and then decide but without action to achieve changes for the better, every desires and decisions are useless. There are lots of doors of opportunities that may come our way this year and we need to hand God the key to those doors and enjoy the simplicity of having fewer rooms to clean up. Focus on your important goals for this year in all areas where improvement is needed. Focus is very important. Start the year focusing on your goal. Regardless of what we are trying to do to accomplish our goal, something that may divert our attention will always come our way. So strive hard to shut everything out and focus on the direction you are heading to, and that is for a better YOU. May this year bring more blessings and opportunities of advancement to you who is reading this article. Thank you.


Let me know your thoughts on this. I may learn something from you too.

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