Let’s Talk About Skin Colors

Struggling to find the right color combination to produce a perfect skin tone in your portrait painting? Let’s find out ways to do it. Just some background to share about my experience: Well, I’ve started in the portraiture on April 2016, not too long ago, right? Some of my finished works are commisioned and some […]


Basic Advice To Portrait Artist Wannabes

So you are determined to reach your goal to be a portrait artist, then this article is for you. It’s a sort of basic advice that might help you in starting your art journey. If you are not an artist, you can also gain insights from these and apply the same principles to the endeavor […]

Ways to Nurture Children’s Creativity

Motivating and nurturing creativity in children at an early age will help them achieve their fullest artistic potentials. Read to see some helpful tips… Many people believe that creativity is an inborn attribute, that children are born either possessing creative ability or not. Just as children are not equally intelligent, some believe that children are […]