Six-Word Story: It’s Worn But Still In, Try It.

The “six-word story” is an idea that has revived its new life and is now trending in some social media like Tumblr and Reddit. I’ve also read some WordPress bloggers’ stories using this six-word confinement. This is inspired by Hemingway’s famous six-word tale, “For sale: baby shoes, never worn,”. Though the stories are being told […]


Stories Written By A Hundred Words

Have you ever wrote a very, very short story? I really mean very, very short because each of these stories are composed of exactly one-hundred words only, but with big lessons to unfold… The “School” Jane came home early morning after a night spent with peers. She needs money for her “tuition fees”. Since mom’s […]

A Father’s Love…A Story’s Conclusion.

Life’s lessons to ponder this Holy Week, a story’s conclusion. Simon’s heart was pounding fast. His palms were cold but sweating. The hospital’s air-conditioning system was strong but drops of sweat were racing down his face trying to outrun each other. He walked to and fro the hospital lobby. Each passing minutes seemed forever for […]

Attention Novel Writer Wannabes: This Is For You.

Want to be a novel writer but struggling on how to start? This may help you. Let me share with you some of my thoughts and pointers.   There is no magic formula to be a successful writer. But aside from hard work, perseverance, creative imagination and passion to write, the following are some steps […]

Life Lessons and Creativity

Simon and Jorge’ story, part two….a little boy’s predicament, a man’s lesson.  And at the end of this blog, we’ll take a peek at some of Jorge’s DIY simple projects made of junks… The cartons, old magazines, newspapers and boxes of old jars and bottles Simon organized for Jorge to pick up that morning were […]

A Life Lesson With Creativity

A heart-melting story to read, life lessons to learn and about creativity… Simon got up from the couch and put down the newspaper he was reading after hearing the doorbell rang. He was surprised to see that it was Jorge, a young boy who regularly collect stuffs that most people normally consider as trash. “Good […]

In Every Season, Creatify

We can unleash the creative power in us, rain or shine, in good or bad weather. A simple illustration of creativity in action even in the midst of storm. Read and get something from this blog.   While the strong winds was raging outside creating a truck-like sounds, Laiza woke up concerned not of the […]

Writing Song, My Way

Well, this is not an article to discuss about how the song “My Way” was written.  I’ll talk about how to write songs in a way that maybe new to you because this is not how songwriting pros normally compose their songs. It is my way of composing songs that maybe useful to all aspiring […]