How To Spend Each Day Creatively

Each morning, as we open our eyes, let us be thankful to the Giver of life for the opportunity to see the goodness of another new day, and think of how to spend each day creatively. For me personally, I make sure to  plan of what creative ways I should apply in all of my […]


Should I Quit Blogging? A Blogger’s Question.

Thinking to quit blogging? Discouraged to push through on your dreams? You’re not alone. I am going through the same situation but giving up is not the solution. So I wrote this poem for you and for me. We have to be brave and get back on our feet, bloggers!   Contemplating, thinking to quit […]

Creativity Application with “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle” Philosophy

“Reduce, reuse and recycle!” “Save trash, get cash!” Maybe these slogans sound familiar to you. Short sentences but conveying a very important message, a call for action of involvement and participation on our part so as to at least minimize the global problem of accumulating solid wastes but let’s honestly ask ourselves, do we listen […]

Applying Creativity On Zero Waste Philosophy

Have you ever asked yourself how you can apply your creativity to help minimize the global problem concerning waste? This is a problem that we may not be aware of or we may not paying close attention to but this could have a big impact to our future and to this earth’s future. Imagine, the […]

A Father’s Love…A Story’s Conclusion.

Life’s lessons to ponder this Holy Week, a story’s conclusion. Simon’s heart was pounding fast. His palms were cold but sweating. The hospital’s air-conditioning system was strong but drops of sweat were racing down his face trying to outrun each other. He walked to and fro the hospital lobby. Each passing minutes seemed forever for […]

How To Be Creative – Fearlessly!

Do you have that zeal or drive to produce something innovative, to create something new or to fashion something from “nothing”? Many have great ideas in mind but their ideas have never been converted into reality. This maybe because of lack of resources and support. I also believe that the biggest hindrance is fear.  Are […]

Writing Song, My Way

Well, this is not an article to discuss about how the song “My Way” was written.  I’ll talk about how to write songs in a way that maybe new to you because this is not how songwriting pros normally compose their songs. It is my way of composing songs that maybe useful to all aspiring […]

Basic Advice To Portrait Artist Wannabes

So you are determined to reach your goal to be a portrait artist, then this article is for you. It’s a sort of basic advice that might help you in starting your art journey. If you are not an artist, you can also gain insights from these and apply the same principles to the endeavor […]

Ways to Nurture Children’s Creativity

Motivating and nurturing creativity in children at an early age will help them achieve their fullest artistic potentials. Read to see some helpful tips… Many people believe that creativity is an inborn attribute, that children are born either possessing creative ability or not. Just as children are not equally intelligent, some believe that children are […]

Anger Management and Creativity

Do you believe that we can divert our anger into zeal to create something productive? I do. We just have to learn the art of taming our anger. Anger is a negative, disorganizing strong emotion. When a person is angry, he has the tendency to become irrational, unpredictable, violent, easy to make abrupt decisions, let […]