How I’d Successfully Dealt With Homesickness

How I’d successfully dealt with homesickness is what I’m happy to share with you today. As an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) in American Samoa, living just by myself so far away from home, miles apart from my family, home-sickness is one of my toughest battles. Imagine how hard it is when you see photos of […]


Proper Time Management Equals Productivity

Proper time management equals productivity. These two are always interrelated. If we don’t properly manage our time, it is more likely that we cannot be productive. Time is the only thing on earth that we cannot hold and keep, unlike other commodities, only time is wasted when not used. I was being reminded of this […]

It’s Not All About Cooking, It’s About Finding Ways To Enjoy Life At Its Best

I was starving but my hunger wasn’t enough to give me the drive to eat. I have food, I have plenty. I consider it plenty though my refrigerator is not full of food, it’s because I couldn’t consume all that’s inside it, for I live in my home just by myself. Though I love cooking, […]

After Losing A Loved One

The pain of losing a family member or a loved one is indeed emotionally devastating and in some cases even mentally disturbing.  Words or adjectives are inadequate to describe the twinge of anguish and sorrow that the bereaved one’s going through especially during the first moment that they see the lifeless body of a family […]

Want To Give Up ? Here’s An Encouraging Post For You.

Giving up? Check this out, this may help you get up and clear your dimmed perception, you just have to understand that these actually happen at times in our life. I’ve also experienced discouragements which made me consider giving up, you can also read it here, Everybody wants to eat, but no one is willing […]

An Open Mother’s Day Message To My Daughters

“When you are a mother, you are never really alone in your thoughts. A mother always has to think twice, once for herself and once for her child.” —Sophia Loren Motherhood is a calling that makes a woman complete. A good example of being a responsible mother is a legacy to be remembered even when […]

Attention Novel Writer Wannabes: This Is For You.

Want to be a novel writer but struggling on how to start? This may help you. Let me share with you some of my thoughts and pointers.   There is no magic formula to be a successful writer. But aside from hard work, perseverance, creative imagination and passion to write, the following are some steps […]

Ways to Nurture Children’s Creativity

Motivating and nurturing creativity in children at an early age will help them achieve their fullest artistic potentials. Read to see some helpful tips… Many people believe that creativity is an inborn attribute, that children are born either possessing creative ability or not. Just as children are not equally intelligent, some believe that children are […]