Labor Day’s Delight

Labor Day’s Delight, a name that I was considering to give my new simple recipe because today is the 3rd of September here and we are celebrating Labor Day. Today,  most are off from work, including me. But for me,  it simply means having a rest day only from my job but not from having […]


It’s Not All About Cooking, It’s About Finding Ways To Enjoy Life At Its Best

I was starving but my hunger wasn’t enough to give me the drive to eat. I have food, I have plenty. I consider it plenty though my refrigerator is not full of food, it’s because I couldn’t consume all that’s inside it, for I live in my home just by myself. Though I love cooking, […]

Grandma’s Delight, Poetry and Cooking

Grandchildren are gifts from God, they are my delights and I enjoy cooking for them. I take them as blessings from above. My grandkids add colors to my life. To show them they’re precious, I’d do what I can to have them feel the warm love of their granny. I’m always willing to have something […]

My Homemade Cheese Pimiento Simple Instructional Poem

This past week maybe my busiest week so far; work deadlines, other scheduled tasks, church commitments and domestic errands that filled my weekdays but the sad thing is I’ve catch the flu virus that’s around the islands of American Samoa this season. So I’ve had no other choice but to take a day off from […]

Old Food Revival – Turn Left Overs Into A New Dish

Maybe you’ve heard enough about recycling. You hear this word almost everywhere and you can read many articles and stories about this topic because many are now getting involved in “reduce, reuse and recycle” advocacies. Campaigns about this are getting widespread through articles, blogs, information dissemination and social media posts. This is a good indicator […]

In This “Instant” “Express” Generation

We are in the generation of “instant”, “express” stuffs where everything is done real fast. We have instant coffee, instant noodles, fast-meal-packages, instant delivery services, shopping express, express ways, cell phones, internet and many more things which make almost everything available for us at the tip of our fingers and at the fastest time we […]

Simple Kitchen Creativity # 1 – Featuring The Eggplant

This is the first of the series of blogs about simple, kitchen creativity and today, I am putting the eggplant in the limelight. Eggplant is a common vegetable you could always find in the market, that’s why some call it the “humble” eggplant. Its botanical name is Solanum Melongena. India is said to be the […]

A Taste Of Health-Wise Simplicity

A short simple cooking instructional poem to unleash my simple creativity. I went home tired and exhausted. This whole day’s work seems not even lessened. For few minutes I sat down on my couch and there rested. Then my stomach murmured, oh! I needed to eat. I searched for some food inside my refrigerator. But […]

In Every Season, Creatify

We can unleash the creative power in us, rain or shine, in good or bad weather. A simple illustration of creativity in action even in the midst of storm. Read and get something from this blog.   While the strong winds was raging outside creating a truck-like sounds, Laiza woke up concerned not of the […]