A Week Off From My Blog

Sometime in our life, we need to take a break and stop doing our regular routine schedule and rest for awhile. You might have noticed that I took a week off from my blog. This break could be a blessing for me for I had time to think of where and what direction to take.  […]


Sensitive People Are Highly Creative People

Recent researches and studies say that sensitive people are highly creative people or creative people are highly sensitive people. Scientists and psychologists are in one accord with this. They say that an individual’s creativity and sensitivity’s significant connection normally turns out to produce beautiful end-result because creative people’s high sensitivity is being linked to their […]

Applying Creativity On Zero Waste Philosophy

Have you ever asked yourself how you can apply your creativity to help minimize the global problem concerning waste? This is a problem that we may not be aware of or we may not paying close attention to but this could have a big impact to our future and to this earth’s future. Imagine, the […]

Attention Novel Writer Wannabes: This Is For You.

Want to be a novel writer but struggling on how to start? This may help you. Let me share with you some of my thoughts and pointers.   There is no magic formula to be a successful writer. But aside from hard work, perseverance, creative imagination and passion to write, the following are some steps […]

How To Be Creative – Fearlessly!

Do you have that zeal or drive to produce something innovative, to create something new or to fashion something from “nothing”? Many have great ideas in mind but their ideas have never been converted into reality. This maybe because of lack of resources and support. I also believe that the biggest hindrance is fear.  Are […]

A Short Tribute To Women On International Women’s Day

Hi there! Thank you for your time checking out this short blog, a poem for all women. I was thinking of something to write to give tribute to all women in the world like you, to let you know that your existence on earth is significant. I want to celebrate with all of you the […]

Writing Song, My Way

Well, this is not an article to discuss about how the song “My Way” was written.  I’ll talk about how to write songs in a way that maybe new to you because this is not how songwriting pros normally compose their songs. It is my way of composing songs that maybe useful to all aspiring […]

Basic Advice To Portrait Artist Wannabes

So you are determined to reach your goal to be a portrait artist, then this article is for you. It’s a sort of basic advice that might help you in starting your art journey. If you are not an artist, you can also gain insights from these and apply the same principles to the endeavor […]

Turn Your Anxiety Into Creativity!

How can we make a negative feeling like anxiety help unleash our creativity? This pointers may help you for it helped me… The fast beat music being played in the radio could not even trigger your dance mood. Your mind is so absorbed on the “whys?” and the “hows?”of your situation. Your current circumstance had […]