How To Unleash Your Hidden Creativity

How to unleash your hidden creativity?  If you are like me, who has the zeal to create but doubting your ability, I hope this will encourage you. I was just doing pencil drawings and sketches before. I was afraid to try painting, I thought I couldn’t do it. But still I tried and started my […]


Proper Time Management Equals Productivity

Proper time management equals productivity. These two are always interrelated. If we don’t properly manage our time, it is more likely that we cannot be productive. Time is the only thing on earth that we cannot hold and keep, unlike other commodities, only time is wasted when not used. I was being reminded of this […]

The ABCD (Any Body Can Do) of Recycling

The ABCD ( Any Body Can Do ) of recycling is simply simple recycling. As the title implies it’s as simple as ABCD that even a grade schooler can do. I hope this may encourage many to be involved in recycling for the preservation of our natural environment. Why is it important to involve ourselves […]

Creativity Application with “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle” Philosophy

“Reduce, reuse and recycle!” “Save trash, get cash!” Maybe these slogans sound familiar to you. Short sentences but conveying a very important message, a call for action of involvement and participation on our part so as to at least minimize the global problem of accumulating solid wastes but let’s honestly ask ourselves, do we listen […]

Applying Creativity On Zero Waste Philosophy

Have you ever asked yourself how you can apply your creativity to help minimize the global problem concerning waste? This is a problem that we may not be aware of or we may not paying close attention to but this could have a big impact to our future and to this earth’s future. Imagine, the […]

Life Lessons and Creativity

Simon and Jorge’ story, part two….a little boy’s predicament, a man’s lesson.  And at the end of this blog, we’ll take a peek at some of Jorge’s DIY simple projects made of junks… The cartons, old magazines, newspapers and boxes of old jars and bottles Simon organized for Jorge to pick up that morning were […]

A Life Lesson With Creativity

A heart-melting story to read, life lessons to learn and about creativity… Simon got up from the couch and put down the newspaper he was reading after hearing the doorbell rang. He was surprised to see that it was Jorge, a young boy who regularly collect stuffs that most people normally consider as trash. “Good […]

Anger Management and Creativity

Do you believe that we can divert our anger into zeal to create something productive? I do. We just have to learn the art of taming our anger. Anger is a negative, disorganizing strong emotion. When a person is angry, he has the tendency to become irrational, unpredictable, violent, easy to make abrupt decisions, let […]

Turn Your Anxiety Into Creativity!

How can we make a negative feeling like anxiety help unleash our creativity? This pointers may help you for it helped me… The fast beat music being played in the radio could not even trigger your dance mood. Your mind is so absorbed on the “whys?” and the “hows?”of your situation. Your current circumstance had […]