I’ve been through many struggles against my own insecurities before I have the courage to open this blog site. The fear of rejection and humiliation were like a giant that I must conquer first before making my thoughts and my works visible online but finally here it is. I wish to motivate people out there who have the creative abilities but in hibernation because of fears. Such trepidations couldn’t hold me back from sharing what I have and I hope you too. So finally, I make myself, my works and my thoughts be seen by the world so that somehow even in my humble, small way, many will be enthused, stirred and get motivated to rise up from their hiding place, believe in their God-given abilities and develop the mindset and faith that if others can, they too can. I believe that God entrusted these to us not to keep it but to use it in inspiring and encouraging others to also step up.

This site is all about CREATIVITY applied in different art aspects and in life as well.  Here you can read blogs about painting, writing, song composing, crafting, home decorating, gardening and cooking. The aim of this website is to offer its readers something to learn from pointers and tips, from step-by-step instructions on crafting projects, stories and poems, creative ideas applied to other areas of life, values and spiritual lessons incorporated in each blog for the glory of God.

I recently added my three daughters as authors/contributors because they too have something to share that may inspire you. My eldest daughter is an artist, she is in visual arts painting portrait and landscape and she can share beauty tips as she is a make-up artist too. My second daughter has a knack in literary art and is inclined to gardening and home decorating. Her forte in visual art is caricature drawing. And if you are looking for some information on how to cook Filipino and Asian food, that’s my youngest daughter’s expertise. She’s an excellent cook for she’s in a restaurant business. She has a potential in writing too. In the near future you can read their informative blogs here.

I also have articles that features my paintings and gladly looking forward for my daughters’ work of arts to be previewed here unfolding stories behind it. We will also explore the world of nature captured in jars otherwise known as terrarium and many more crafting ideas, its how-to-do’s and its contribution in the preservation and conservation of our natural environment.  So these are what you can dig in here, all in one place. I hope you’ll like and enjoy what creatifyinfo.com has to offer.

You are warmly welcome to join us in our journeys!