A Week Off From My Blog

Sometime in our life, we need to take a break and stop doing our regular routine schedule and rest for awhile. You might have noticed that I took a week off from my blog. This break could be a blessing for me for I had time to think of where and what direction to take.  I needed peace, quiet and rest during those times and having times like these are good for all of us. But thank you all for your faithfulness to my blog, it relieved me when I checked the number of my subscribers, it’s still the same. You didn’t leave me and I am so grateful.

During my break, I see myself standing in front of a bridge of decision. Am I to cross the bridge or to back out? I was in the lowest point of my life. I was down, frustrated and upset, wanting to quit blogging, let go of my blogging dreams and let it turn into a distant memory.

When I started blogging, I already knew beforehand that there are forces that would discourage me along the way. Number one is criticism. I should have learned first to ignore the jabs of critics, and discouraging comments. I should be thankful to Akismet plugins for blocking spam comments in my blogs but out of curiosity, I still read some and allowed them to discourage me.  My next discourager is the disappointment I was getting from checking my blog stats and the number of my likers. Now I came to realize, those are just pointless things to spend time on. Those figures can be a subtle form of distractions, making me “check in” multiple times a day which hinders me from doing real work. I’m not saying that analytics are not helpful, it is. They allow bloggers to identify overall growth trends of our posts. But if we focus on it and submerged ourselves on checking it on a regular basis, they can be discouraging. Third is my high expectation of myself. I expect myself to be able to create great artworks, great writings, great posts thus I am always disappointed because I couldn’t meet the standard I set for myself for that’s not me, I am not perfect and so did my works. When I set out on my blogging journey, I forgot that one of my purposes should be to build an audience and make amazing friends — not just become a better writer, artist or blogger. But my inner critic was taking over before I have time to make an impact, and got easily discouraged.

But this is normal. I know for sure that you’ve been there too. Even those successful bloggers experienced the same sometime in their journey.  During my quiet time, of the hours I’ve allotted myself to relax and rest, I’ve realized that letting myself give up would bring me nowhere. It would just retard my potentials. So I asked, should I move forward or let all my hopes and dreams fly with the wind and have tons of regrets in the future?  I told myself that whenever I’m feeling discouraged, I can just breathe a sigh of relief and relax. I have to walk further, to bravely continue the journey. As long as I’m writing for the art of it, and aren’t just blogging expecting to make money, I should never stop to write, to create arts, to craft for a noble purpose and to blog. I should not expect myself to accomplish great things, I should just let myself be myself and simply express my thoughts  and if it’s for me, it will just happen.

Now, I’m back on my feet, back to the blogging scene again. I write “words” and ask God to use them to somehow be an encouragement to some not just in the area of creativity but in other facets of life as well. I believe I am going to see the fruits of my labor somewhere, sometime in the future. It may come in the form of emotional therapy, friendships, a community, followers and maybe a viral post ( who knows ). I thank God, I’ve regained my greatest joy in blogging – for my blog to be used even in small, humble way to touch the lives of others. I set out on this journey for this reason. I wanted to be heard, to exercise my creativity, and I won’t deny it, to make blogging an extra source of income someday so I could ultimately inspire others to do so, too. I want to liberate numbers of people and inspire them to take courage and never give up their dreams.   Everything happens in God’s appointed time. I don’t know when will be that time for me, only God knows so I have to trust all in His hands and I hope you do too. Discouragement is not a giant foe, it is a defeated foe for the strong hearted one like you and me.

Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you; plans to prosper you and not to harm you; to give you hope and a future.”

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Let me know your thoughts on this. I may learn something from you too.

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