A Poem:Tribute To All Mothers In The World

A poem to pay tribute to all the mothers in the world on Mother’s Day. Let’s make mothers feel how important they are and change our cold shoulders not being expressive of our love. While our mothers are still here we ought to recognize them. Start now, let’s pay them tribute,  not only on Mother’s Day but everyday.


Mothers: The Heart of the Home


The heart is an internal organ that sustains life;

Like the heart, a mother’s love makes the home alive;

Heart’s beating must not stop to sustain the body’s life;

Likewise a mother’s job is unending and never stops.


Yes, she is like a trumpet that’s blowing so sharp,

Early morning as she prepares the breakfast,

Her hands work while her mouth works aloud,

But the food she’s making are prepared out of love.


She is like a magnet picking up things thrown on the floor,

Toys, clothes and others that’re messing up the home,

She is like a sculptor with hands shaping her children’s life,

It is she who first taught her children how to give, how to love.


The hands that work hard day and night,

Are the same hands that shed tears from her children’s eyes;

When her child is sick her arms brings comfort and caress,

If possible she is willing to take her children’s place

Take the pain on her than seeing them suffers.


Whenever her kids are hurt she is hurt more than anybody else,

She’s delicate as a flower and yet as strong as a warrior to defend her kids when in danger,

She is willing to give her life and all she has just to see her kids alive.


Since conception that carries her children for nine months,

To bearing indescribable labor pain to give them life,

To sleepless nights to see them grow and heart that tirelessly loves,

In all of these she gave and sacrificed, she is most of the time unrecognized,

Yet, she is there no matter what, a mother with a heart full of love.




She is her children’s servant, nurse, teacher, mentor, friend, and preacher,

She may be misunderstood by her children most of the time,

But hers is the kind of love that no one can despise,

No word is enough to describe a mother’s love.

Hers is a lifetime calling, a work that will end on the day when she breathe her last,

Yes, mothers is the heart of the home, for a home without a mom lacks love,

Just like the Heavenly Father, hers is the kind of love that keeps a place of forgiveness

Willingly offers it whenever her child errs,

Thus, now is the time to give this tribute to all the Mothers!





Let me know your thoughts on this. I may learn something from you too.

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