A Poem Penned Out Of My Lonesome Moment Of GLoom

“I’m homesick” I hear this many times from people, who are far from home, just like me. Honestly, I feel the same today. I don’t want to hear myself saying these words though the intense feeling is inside. You see, it’s really hard to live without your family by your side, when you know that you could not hug, touch or kiss them whenever you want to, because you’re miles away from home. For me, days seems getting slower and slower as I look forward on the day when I could be with them again but I thank God for the sustenance. While resting after a stressful day at the office, my sensitivity and creativity worked together to create a poem. This poem was penned out of my lonesome moments of gloom…

The raging waves billowing,
Blue sea water’s rolling,
Farther beyond they’re sailing
Somewhere out there they’re heading.

My eyes have ease to travel,
To home out there and farther,
Hidden behind the mountains,
My sight couldn’t reach my dreams.

Up in the sky, birds flying,
My heart was pricked while watching,
Envious of them, was sighing,
Blessed are they for their wings.

I looked up there, clouds forming,
Just like a crowd, they’re looking,
Saying “you’re home’s out there,
I could see them, waving!”

And so I tried to ride with the waves,
Go with my sight as it travels,
I’ve attempted to fly with the birds,
Or climb the clouds to see my place.

I was denied of these wishes,
To go through them, was not granted
There’s no power, they’re not the means,
The home bound trip, bear with patience,
In God’s timing, I have to wait.

Homesickness is the feeling of missing something about home when one is away. It is normal when not in intense stage because coping up with this “sickness” is somehow helpful to strengthen family connection despite distance. When one is homesick, it prompts him or her to have more constant communication and contacts with loved ones.However, if a homesick person didn’t make any positive steps to cope up, the feeling becomes intense and can be painful and debilitating. It’s really hard to be far from home but if the situation prohibits us from going home whenever we want, we have to find ways to go on top of this “sickness”. For me, prayer and meditation on the faithfulness of God is the number one answer. The Bible provides encouraging verses that can help us ease the pain of homesickness. Joshua 1:9 “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and of good courage; do not be afraid, nor be dismayed, for the LORD your God is with you wherever you go.”

Next thing I do to help me cope is, I busy myself with productive activities like gardening, crafting, painting, writing and blogging. To add to these is my cooking not just for myself but to share with others. I also go out but with people who would not lead me to a pathway of destruction. I’m homesick today, yes, but after writing this article, I’ll sit in front my mini art studio and paint a commisioned portrait. I’ll never let myself be defeated by homesickness. So for those working abroad, far from family and homesick,  find productive ways to overcome it. Divert your attention to creativity. Let your creative juices flow, unleash the creative power in you. Positive, constructive approach and faith in God will always lead us to win over our battles. Thank you for reading.

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2 Replies to “A Poem Penned Out Of My Lonesome Moment Of GLoom”

  1. Nice poem… I can relate to this feeling. I miss my mom, dad and siblings. I miss the places I used to hang out with my friends…

    1. Thank you, Elizabeth. Yeah, this feeling kinda make you feel like crazy sometimes…

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