A Poem For Mothers On Mother’s Day #1

They say a mother’s love cannot be repaid
It’s value is higher than any jewels and gems
It’s more precious than rubi or gold or silvers,
Yet sometimes unnoticed and is taken for granted.

But since it’s Mother’s Day, let me enumerate,
The works a mother do that seems common, not great,
Her sacrificial love, her deeds that’s so selfless,
Seems ordinary things, that some don’t appreciate.

Humming a melody she prepares the food,
With sweet smile she assures all tastes good,
Undone with these chores she looked at to-do notes,
Oh she has a lot more, she has to move as fast as she could.

Though lack of sleep because of her sick baby,
She gets up early morning and have the kids ready,
Prepare them to school make sure they’re nice and tidy,
Checked all of their stuffs, yes she’s tired but she keeps herself lovely.

She manages all household things and stuffs,
Though she works to help dad find the means for life,
Till evening she works hard, she’s the last one that’s still up,
But still she make sure for all to feel her caress and love.

Due to loads on her plate, sometimes misunderstood,
Yes there were mood swings that make her looked “no-good”,
She sounds like a teacher, a preacher but she should,
If for the kids own sake, she’ll talk as long as she could.

Her children’s happiness makes her rejoice the more,
When they’re in pain, she is the one who’s hurting and tremble,
Their tears brings her despair and she wish if she could take them all,
She is willing to give her life to see her kids living their life with joy.

Her highest dream and heart’s desire in life,
Is to see her children walking in a success’ path,
All these she strive for to help them reach it out,
Not waiting for material things but only for their respect and love.

Yes, that’s how it is to be a mother,
It’s God-given and a woman’s high calling,
By her tender hands, the future lives she’s forming,
Her prowess, love and guidance, lead her kids to victory awaiting.

A poem written by yours truly dedicated to all mothers in the world including myself.



Let me know your thoughts on this. I may learn something from you too.

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