A Painter’s Struggle

People are normally amazed as they see great works of art, not knowing that behind each art piece are untold stories of tears and sweat. This poem illustrates a painter’s struggle while on the process of producing artwork. It’s  my own experience and I know it’s not just I who’s going through this, many of us…



The coffee on the artist’s desk still not taken and untouched,
Its aroma when it was hot turned to cool down and subside,
The dipping here, the brushing there the focus of its owner’s eyes,
Not in the drinks nor in the food, but on the figure on canvas.

Along the way in the process her hand never wish to go,
As the work was going on, she looked at it and says “no,no!”,
There was missing in the subject that she couldn’t figure out,
Her back’s aching, eyes red and dim, heart’s pounding, she wants to halt.

As she sat down and examined the work of art she’s staring at,
Disappointed and discouraged, thorn between going or just stop,
She lost the zeal, enthusiasm, as she paused and starts to sob,
As if it was impossible to pin them in the way she wants.

Bristles wheezing,stroking, tired of running to and fro,
Colors drifting, racing, mixed up into bright color hue,
They’re spread up, down and laid out all around,
Till it’s vivid and visible, finally the fruit of a painter’s hand.

For the art’s sake, the brush regain its drive;Now with renewed determination and the strength revived;Challenge was there in every part, one must have a brave heart; The finished one that’s on the frame itself is a reward;There would be no famous arts, if the artists just gave up,

by Rhodenia Cunanan



I heard many painters says that along the process of their paintings there are times they’re tempted to stop a work for some reasons; maybe what they call canvas blocked, but most reason is because of our high self expectations. I’ve been through that, and still sometimes perhaps because my paintings often turn out differently than I expect. This lead to disappointment or feeling like I’ve made a “mistake.” Many of us who paints can attest to those times when it feels incredibly risky to put something on our preferred art surface. Sometimes we even say to ourselves, “What if I mess it?” But we have to continue painting anyway because by doing so we can feel great relief from the confines of fear and perfectionism. An important trait of a painter is focusing on process rather than product. Along the way, as we grow and mature in this field it will be more natural for us to do so.

My creative being wants me to come back to who I really am, beyond any definition or frame. My artwork should not define who I am,I am to define my paintings. It’s just normal to be disappointed at times but being discouraged is a different thing. If we fail, just get back on our feet and move forward. In the same way that discouraging circumstances are inevitable in this life and we need to be determined not to give up. Just like an artist who revived her zeal, just go and keep moving forward. We can be an overcomer of these growth retarding feelings, just hold onto courage, perseverance, endurance and strong, unmovable faith in God. Fear not, God will see us through.

These things I have spoken to you, that in Me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.””
‭‭John‬ ‭16:33‬ ‭


Let me know your thoughts on this. I may learn something from you too.

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