Everything Will Be Left Behind – A Poem

The death of our loved ones, a family member, or even just closed friends or co-workers naturally brings emotional pain and wound in our heart. This is because it’s hard to let go of anybody or anything we are used to see, to be with or having attached to. Just losing my pet dog took […]


A Poem Penned Out Of My Lonesome Moment Of GLoom

“I’m homesick” I hear this many times from people, who are far from home, just like me. Honestly, I feel the same today. I don’t want to hear myself saying these words though the intense feeling is inside. You see, it’s really hard to live without your family by your side, when you know that […]

Sensitive People Are Highly Creative People

Recent researches and studies say that sensitive people are highly creative people or creative people are highly sensitive people. Scientists and psychologists are in one accord with this. They say that an individual’s creativity and sensitivity’s significant connection normally turns out to produce beautiful end-result because creative people’s high sensitivity is being linked to their […]

Simple Kitchen Creativity # 1 – Featuring The Eggplant

This is the first of the series of blogs about simple, kitchen creativity and today, I am putting the eggplant in the limelight. Eggplant is a common vegetable you could always find in the market, that’s why some call it the “humble” eggplant. Its botanical name is Solanum Melongena. India is said to be the […]

Should I Quit Blogging? A Blogger’s Question.

Thinking to quit blogging? Discouraged to push through on your dreams? You’re not alone. I am going through the same situation but giving up is not the solution. So I wrote this poem for you and for me. We have to be brave and get back on our feet, bloggers!   Contemplating, thinking to quit […]

The ABCD (Any Body Can Do) of Recycling

This time, I would like to share about simple recycling. I said simple because it’s as simple as ABCD.The recycling products with photos below, which I made from some materials that most people considered waste can simply be done by anybody, thus I am calling it ABCD ( Any Body Can Do). I encourage you […]

The Weary One – A Poem

A poem of a broken soul…This maybe you, your friend or your loved ones. Some of us maybe a broken soul hiding behind an armour. Please read…   The twinge runs through your mind and rushing to your heart, Breaking all dreams losing its strength that couldn’t be recharged, Piercing every wall, breaking it by […]

Six-Word Story: It’s Worn But Still In, Try It.

The “six-word story” is an idea that has revived its new life and is now trending in some social media like Tumblr and Reddit. I’ve also read some WordPress bloggers’ stories using this six-word confinement. This is inspired by Hemingway’s famous six-word tale, “For sale: baby shoes, never worn,”. Though the stories are being told […]