We Are Just Stewards

This poem is a short illustration of time and how we are spending our given share. Life is short but we are not always conscious of this truth, that one day we will all leave this earth, that we don’t own our time and our future, we are just stewards of our share. God’s Word […]


A Father’s Love…A Story’s Conclusion.

Life’s lessons to ponder this Holy Week, a story’s conclusion. Simon’s heart was pounding fast. His palms were cold but sweating. The hospital’s air-conditioning system was strong but drops of sweat were racing down his face trying to outrun each other. He walked to and fro the hospital lobby. Each passing minutes seemed forever for […]

Insatiable Longings – A Poem for the Holy Week

One from my series of poems and scripture verses to ponder this Holy Week… A piece of silver peacefully lie down on a corner begins to gather dust and loses its luster, a place where it would stay to be totally forgotten and unnoticed by its master. The gold was proud as it currently holds […]

The Mirror

A short poem about pride, hypocrisy and vanity…. Her hug was tight as she said goodbye; she kissed her friends and said “I love you, guys”; As her friends took their steps and departed from her sight, She shrugged her shoulders, pouted her lips and washed her hands. She looked at the mirror and said […]

Attention Novel Writer Wannabes: This Is For You.

Want to be a novel writer but struggling on how to start? This may help you. Let me share with you some of my thoughts and pointers.   There is no magic formula to be a successful writer. But aside from hard work, perseverance, creative imagination and passion to write, the following are some steps […]


  Nature is amazing, its beauty soothes the soul. Many poems have been written, illustrations have been painted on canvas, all in an attempt to capture its beauty. This poem is one of those attempts to describe it though my vocabulary is short, but out of amazement I’d tried…   The sun arose with his golden […]

A Taste Of Health-Wise Simplicity

A short simple cooking instructional poem to unleash my simple creativity. I went home tired and exhausted. This whole day’s work seems not even lessened. For few minutes I sat down on my couch and there rested. Then my stomach murmured, oh! I needed to eat. I searched for some food inside my refrigerator. But […]

Where The Treasure Is…

A poem about riches, a life lesson… “Am I still alive?” first question I uttered, So I pinched my arm, then I slapped my face, Are these things real, do they really exists? I couldn’t believe it, I was really amazed. Yes, dollar bills were piled up, spread over like dew, Heaps fell on the […]

My Toughest Foe Is Defeated

  Struggling against your greatest foe? We can be set free from being defeated. Read this simple poem about one of our strongest enemies, but there is hope…   Struggling and fighting the toughest foe I’ve got, Wrestling, pushing, kicking, despite these I would stand It’s so persistent, chasing me, lo! no matter what I […]